Last Call



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shotinthedarkwithme 9 / 10

Wow, Amazing Synchronicity!

I can't believe how well the director was able to sync the performances by the two lead characters. This certainly is a difficult task that should be celebrated! Great story and great performances by both main actors. Can't wait to see more from the director.

Reviewed by xrod-76767 6 / 10

Not Perfect But Not Bad

I gotta hand it to Gavin Michael Booth and his latest feature LAST CALL. Some of the most impressive moments in this film have to do with the character development. Booth allows us to delve into the world of these two characters and allow the audience to connect to them on a human level. It certain helps that the actors are capable. That said, the film seemed to lull--especially near the beginning--and it was distracting watching two handheld shots being split screened. These are technical points that could likely be remedied with a higher budget. Although I've definitely seen this story (or something similar) before, I did ultimately enjoy it!

Reviewed by maidwell-45616 9 / 10

So much more than I expected.

From the art style and the lack of fanfare (I had to put the year in to even find the right movie on IMDb) I was expecting the typical low budget, high concept offering with a bit of promise, using amateurish actors to create an ok movie, that's ultimately instantly forgettable. THIS MOVIE IS NOT THAT.

The one take aesthetic and split screen cinematography works just perfectly to convey the urgency of a serendipitous conversation between a woman in the right/wrong place and a man with nowhere left to turn. The acting from Sarah Booth in particular is astonishing (never seen her in anything before this), the dialogue is realistic and the soundtrack fits the mood just right.

I've never seen anything like it, the closest I can think of right now is Locke with Tom Hardy, but this movie is so much better and more heartfelt than that. I'll be recommending it to everyone I know. 9/10. (And no I'm not a paid reviewer or have anything to do with the production, look at my other reviews!)

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