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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
IMDb Rating 7 10 482019

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rblaa 8 / 10

naysayers are right, but I still liked it

Reading through the previous reviews, I find myself agreeing with the negative reviews in one sense, but still disagreeing overall. I walked away quite liking this movie.

Most of the complaints are around technical/realism stupidities, or else being a rip-off of previous movies.

Re stupidities: there are plenty, most of the negative reviews are correct, but they miss the point, which is given a more or less silly premise, do the characters fulfill their struggle properly.

For me the answer is strong yes, I tend to respond to the emotions a movie is trying to convey, ultimately this is a story of loss and love, a nice universal theme that always resonates.

Given that theme, the movie's style, effects, music all worked really well to reinforce that. I liked all the performances.

Be careful about critiquing modern SF movies about technical stupidities too much. Most of these have a fatal flaw that would destroy most of them. How about the likelihood of star travel? OK, you have to grant that otherwise most SF movies pretty much fall flat.

But still, the basic premise is not realistic: a star faring race, searching for energy, is not going to bother going to earth for its water, that is so much more easily available anywhere else, energy itself is much more easily accessible without playing with water for fusion, just stay with your own star, mine your own asteroid belt or gas giants.

Sure, it makes no sense for the Tet to make and use human clones, but given that, do we have a good story? I think so.

To me, valid criticisms are when characters, immersed in their realities such as they are, do not act true to their nature. And thus a movie like Prometheus failed since there the highly trained biology experts acted like complete morons.

But that is not the case here. In this movie we have passion, loss, and love, the struggle to persevere.

Plus the drones looked really really cool.

Re copying other movies: get over it. This movie is distinct enough to feel its own. I saw and loved Moon (which granted is the better movie), but I enjoyed this one for what it was.

I think it helped for me to not see any trailers, and to come in with low expectations after hearing about bad reviews.

Reviewed by Ron Hardcastle 10 / 10

Don't know why this movie didn't make it

I have now watched this movie 3 times, and each time have liked it more than I did the first time, and even then I still enjoyed it a lot. I look at the litany of trash on the screen that DOES make a profit and am dismayed that this one was so unsuccessful. First, it's a GORGEOUS movie, and it definitely has a beating heart. I found the acting quite good, the story involving, and was quite moved more than once. And the technical staff was amazing! I suspect that it will do well on home video and cable and that one day we'll look back on it and wonder why in the world it did so poorly in its initial run. I applaud director Kosinsky and his fine team of actors and the legion of other professionals involved in bringing this to the screen. I REALLY enjoyed this movie!

31Jan14: Months later and I've watched it at least once more from my Blu-ray plus find it almost impossible to NOT watch it when I stumble across it on HBO, and I continue to find it absorbing and I STILL can't watch the end of it without crying! I find it embarrassing to write this, but I think I love this movie.

Reviewed by kieran449 10 / 10

A unexpectedly really good movie.

Without revealing any spoilers, I saw this movie "out of the blue". Never saw a trailer (I still haven't). I remember hearing the name of the movie and completely forgot about it, and just decided to take a chance and watch it on cable TV one night. It is a Sci-Fi movie with a human heart, so you don't need to be a science fiction fan to enjoy it. Also, I am not a Tom Cruise addict, but he does a great job in his usual way. In fact, all the actors portray their characters very well.

There is mystery, action, a little bit of love, and some adventure. The beginning is good, there is a high point, and the ending of the movie is satisfactory in my opinion. The special effects are executed in a way not to take away from the story or the plot, and the story does not revolve around them, but rather they are just a part of the story. If you are looking for a good movie to watch, I have to say it is well worth the viewing, not too predictable. Sit back and relax, you'll enjoy this gem.

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