The Hurried Man

1977 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 6.4 10 537

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Alain Delon as Pierre Niox
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grybop 8 / 10

Unusual, unique, beautiful

L' homme pressé is a highly original movie based on a book that was written in the 1940s. The director uses the story of a constantly anxious antiques collector in order to make a comment on the limits of uncontrolled passion, if there are any, and, more generally, on the pressure we get every day from living in a material world. The main character, played excellently by Alain Delon, is a man driven by his passion for antiques; his personality is described thoroughly throughout the film, bit by bit, revealing little information about the collector's inner thoughts at a time, and, although it seems that some of his motives are not fully explained, the director succeeds in transmitting the feeling of stress that overtakes him.

L' homme pressé is an unusual, quick-paced movie that is definitely worth watching. Beautiful music, too.


Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

Weird and Original Tale of a Very Stressed Man, Who Cannot Afford to Waste Time

Pierre Nioux (Alains Delon) is a charming wealthy self-made dealer of arts and antiques, who lives in a hurry without spending time. When he buys a disputed house in the country, the daughter of the former owner, Edwige (Mireille Darc), meets his in a judicial contest and ends getting married with him. Pierre has a serious beginning of a heart attack, but he is disputing an expensive and rare Etruscan vase and does not pay much attention to his doctor. Meanwhile, Edwige gets pregnant and although loving him, she leaves home and hides herself from Pierre, who wants to anticipate her delivery in order to not waste nine months. Will he get the vase?

"L'homme pressé" is a weird and original movie with a very interesting and intriguing storyline. The performances of the cast is outstanding, highlighting the magnificent Alain Delon, in the role of a very stressed man who cannot afford to reduce his intense rhythm of life. He transmits this sensation to the viewer, in a great direction. Unfortunately, the VHS released in Brazil is dubbed in English, but anyway, this curious film deserves to be watched at least once. Further, the Brazilian title is ridiculous, giving a wrong idea of the lead character. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Um Homem Sem Escrúpulos" ("A Man Without Scrupulous")

Note: On 26 August 2016, I saw this film again.

Reviewed by jgcorrea 6 / 10

An important point, no hurry, is made

In the French drama "The Hurried Man" Alain Delon plays... a man in a hurry. Id est, a different side of his usual persona. With his characteristic subdued, dark and mysterious way, he played remarkable roles in Rocco, L'Eclisse, Le Samourai, The Leopard. He mostly used to portra chilly, calculating characters, a default type that goes overboard here. Delon runs from one place to another, always hot, restless and impulsive. He doesn't think very far ahead as an art dealer. The film balances itself between black humor and drama. In the beginning his haste and collecting obsession are funny. After a while it becomes problematic. The dramatic aspect gets the upper hand, at some point the spectator's sympathy for him diminishes. This story was certainly in the right place. The role was certainly unusual for the male sex symbol of the 1960s. Edouard Molinaro, even though he had directed Brigitte Bardot in such an idiocy as A Delightful Idiot, was certainly (otherwise) competent to the point.

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