Turtle Hill, Brooklyn


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-125 8 / 10

Just a quiet birthday party in Brooklyn

Turtle Hill, Brooklyn (2011) was directed by Ryan Gielen. It was co-written by its two stars, Brian W. Seibert and Ricardo Valdez.

The movie takes place on a hot summer's day in the home of Will (Siebert) and Mateo (Valdez). They are preparing for Will's 30th birthday party. Of course, they have to get the house ready for their guests, but they also have to try to figure out why they are not the happy, loving couple they want to be.

Will's sister arrives unexpectedly, and finds Mateo dressed only in a kilt. She is astonished and horrified to realize that her brother is in a gay relationship. Big problem number one--Will has told Mateo that he has come out to his family, but clearly he hasn't. Big problem number two is a secret that Mateo has kept from Bill. That secret is revealed as the party progresses.

The acting in the movie is excellent. Friends--straight and gay--arrive, liquor and conversation are flowing, and everything appears to be as it should be. We know that there's a serious underlying tension between the two men, but this isn't obvious to most of their friends.

This movie was filmed, of necessity, with a low budget. Because of this, the set is simply the couple's house and back yard. Without even any establishing shots to show us where we are, that situation is somewhat claustrophobic. (It's possible that Gielen didn't show us the street on which the house was located because he didn't have permission to do this. Or, it's possible that the neighborhood of "Turtle Hill" doesn't exist. I've never heard of it, although possibly it's been renamed, along with so many other NYC neighborhoods.)

It wasn't really a great party, and it wasn't really a great film, but the movie had its moments, and its charm, and it's worth seeing if it's readily available. We saw it in the Little Theatre as part of the noteworthy ImageOut--the Rochester LGBT Film and Video Festival.

Reviewed by meaninglessbark 4 / 10

Like a Slice of Not Too Interesting Real Life

Turtle Hill is well crafted, well acted, and looks good. If you're looking for a realistic (sort of) yet not particularly interesting queer film it's a good choice. It's also a good choice if you want the feeling of dropping in on a group of believable friends for an afternoon. But if you're looking for something memorable, skip it.

The main problem with Turtle Hill is that when it comes to telling a story it's too much like real life. There really isn't a plot other that it's some guy's birthday (I just finished watching it and can't recall any character's name), people drop in, drink, talk, drink, talk. Some very mild relationship drama also happens. The movie ends.

Turtle Hill does break with reality by having the typical movie/TV set up of generally good looking people (though all of them more realistically good looking than TV actors) of apparently independent means living in a very cool NYC (Brooklyn) apartment.

The film makers deserve credit for having a few middle aged gay male characters among the party guests, avoiding gratuitous nudity, making the apartment and party look cool but not glamorously so, and picking some interesting yet pretty much unknown music for the soundtrack (and apparently loading most of the tracks up on the Internet's most popular video site for your listening pleasure).

Turtle Hill is a good effort and unlike many pointless queer films I actually wish I liked this one better.

Reviewed by bgthomaswriter 8 / 10

Was Afraid It Was Going to Be the Classic Low Budget Awful Gay Movie...and I Was Very Pleasantly Surprised!

Well...I was worried at first because of the film/lighting quality…and I wound up loving this little movie! Very soon—and this is a first for me— the "low" quality became a "character" in the film for me and I thought it worked brilliantly. It made it so real. The whole movie felt real and it almost seemed at times that I was a voyeur, somehow invisible the very real people in this story. It was like it was happening as I was watching. The dialogue was so real and I have to wonder if some of it was stream of consciousness writing. As if maybe some of the actors were given free reign to just talk at the big party that was the setting for the movie. And almost all of the actors were terrific, with only two falling short as far as I was concerned, and I am not even going to say their names. Why bother? And Will, the star and co-writer, was incredible as well as gorgeous. I am going to find more of his movies. I just kept thinking over and over, this is real. Not just the classic movie were a ton of people show up and deliver lines. These guys felt real. It had a few of the classic tropes—and at the risk of giving spoilers—there is the evil straight relative that thinks the hero of the story isn't normal and needs to be fixed, a cheating lover, fear of commitment—but there is a reason those tropes exist. They work. And in this case, they are often a part of life, gay or otherwise. In the end, while this movie was a "gay" movie, this was simply a movie about people. And I loved it.

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